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Who is "The Deal Thief"?

The Deal Thief is not one person but a team of people dedicated to obtaining some of the most rare and exclusive items across all resell markets!

How can I trust you to sell legit items?

Legitimacy is the MOST important step when it comes to reselling ANYTHING. Here at The Deal Thief, we have a dedicated team that will ensure we do our absolute best to authenticate all items listed with complete accuracy.

We guarantee that if a fake/replica item is sold, then we will refund you your money back in full upon return of the item.

Shipping is on us.

Can you legit check my item?

Yes! We will legit check any item for free through our instagram DM's!

NOTE: It can be hard to legit check through photo/video, but we will do our best to explain everything and if something is sketchy, we will let you know!

-Please allow 48-72 hours after responding to your DM's to finish our legit check!

When will I get my item?

-All items purchased will include free shipping and will be shipped in 1-3 business days!

*on occasion it may take longer if we are away or if we are super busy, I will notify you if something changes*

What carrier do you use?

We will predominantly use UPS and USPS for all shipping purposes.

Do you buy/sell internationally?

Right now, we will only do business in the United States but we do expect an international roll-out in the future.

I want to sell to The Deal Thief

We are ALWAYS looking to buy! Please DM us on Instagram for the fastest response!

*Allow up to 24-48 hours for a response*

Let's do business! :)

Can you walk me through the process to sell to you?

1. DM us on Instagram @TheDealThief.

2. Send us information on what you want to sell along with photos and/or videos.

3. If we are interested, we can discuss an amount for the item(s), once we agree on a dollar amount (NOTE: the amount may change slightly if the item comes in in a worse condition than discussed), we will pay for the shipping label and you will send the item to us thoroughly packaged within 3 business days! Failure to ship within the timeframe will result in us voiding the label and we will decline purchasing the item(s) moving forward.

4. Once we get the item, we will need roughly 5 - 7 business days to authenticate the item and ensure that everything checks out!


5. We will notify you that the item failed our authentication process with an explanation and we will pay for the shipping label to send the item back to you.


5. We will notify you that the item passed our authentication process and will confirm the final payment amount with you, which we then will process the funds to an account of your choice. ***MOST METHODS ACCEPTED***

How can I speak to you?

Our DM's are ALWAYS open on Instagram! Please message us, we'd love to talk! :)